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BMB Models

Dig, sort, demolish, and magnetize with the multi-purpose BATEMAN Magnet Bucket. These buckets are designed specifically for the separation of ferrous materials and feature fully protected supply wires. Thumbs are available upon request.

  • Ideal for demolition work.
  • Ideal for sorting material with a thumb.
  • Fully protected supply wires.


Magnet completely integrated with tooth bucket. Dig, sort, demolish and magnetize with just one multi-purpose tool.


Model BMB150-6kW
Width in (mm) 36 (914)
Magnet 6KW
Tip Radius in (mm) 61 (1,549)
Weight lb (kg) 3,300 (1,497)
Model BMB200-6kW
Width in (mm) 38 (965)
Magnet 6KW
Tip Radius in (mm) 62 (1,575)
Weight lb (kg) 3,550 (1,610)
Model BMB250-9kW
Width in (mm) 42 (1,067)
Magnet 9kW
Tip Radius in (mm) 66 (1,676)
Weight lb (kg) 5,200 (2,359)
Model BMB300-9kW
Width in (mm) 51 (1,295)
Magnet 9kW
Tip Radius in (mm) 69 (1,753)
Weight lb (kg) 5,700 (2,585)
Model BMB400-9kW
Width in (mm) 51 (1,295)
Magnet 9kW
Tip Radius in (mm) 75 (1,905)
Weight lb (kg) 6,450 (2,926)


Request Quote To Find The Right Demolition/Scrap Magnet Bucket For Your Material Handler Or Excavator!


Optional thumb available upon request.

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