Bateman Unveiled Their Newest Grapple at the 2023 ISRI Convention in Nashville


Bateman, a manufacturer of grapples, generators, and clamshell bucket attachments, launched their newest product, and it’s already expected to be a hit! Those who attended got a glimpse of what was in store for the next generation of grapple technology. Bateman also hosted a giveaway that included a custom-made Les Paul-style guitar that was guaranteed to rock everyone’s socks off!

GRYB International was thrilled to showcase its three brands of products at the convention. The company’s products were displayed, and attendees had the opportunity to see the products and interact with the team.

Bateman -  Manufacturer of grapples, generators, and clamshell bucket attachments for forestry, demolition, port, railway, recycling & waste industries. Bateman showcased both their diesel-powered generator and hydraulic generator at the show. In addition, they unveiled their newest four-tine scrap grapple, which is already expected to gain traction in the material handling industry. Also new to their lineup is the 160 series mag grab scrap grapple, which comes equipped with a wrap-around rod cylinder guard, and an improved rotator with a more robust body.

Winkle - Manufacturer of magnets, crane components, electrical control systems, magnetic lifting devices, magnetic separation equipment, mechanical lifting devices, power supply sources, and transfer equipment for scrap & recycling, and steel mill industries. Winkle’s 48” circular scrap handling magnet was on-site at this year’s convention.

Serco - Manufacturer of grapples, truck & trailer-mounted loaders, knuckle-boom loaders, and saws for multiple industries including forestry and construction. While their products weren’t present at this year’s show, literature was offered to showcase their scrap material handling solutions.

The company successfully took a prominent place at the ISRI convention with its cutting-edge technology that promises to change the market. The exhibition was a great opportunity for the company to meet potential customers, as well as current ones.