American Recycler: Attachments For Auto Recycling (Scrap Grapples)


Bateman Manufacturing has been providing scrap handling solutions to our customers for decades with our Orange Peel Grapples, Mag-Grabs, and Ships Gear Grapple. We offer Scrap Grapples in all different sizes to fit the needs of your scrap operation. Whether you need a 1-yard grapple or a 13-yard we are pleased to offer the most diverse scrap grapples on the market.

Our Orange Peel Grapple have become a staple for auto recycling. The ease of use while offering the most durable Scrap Grapple is one of the main reasons why our customers continue to choose Bateman over other manufacturers. 

Bateman has seen significant growth in the last few years due to such high demands of our products. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have made massive improvements to streamline production rate to ensure quick lead times. We have made strides this year by increasing our production volume significantly compared to last year.

While Bateman offers material handling grapples for Scrap applications, we manufacture a range of other attachments that are vital to many industry sectors. Whether it’s a Clamshell Buckets for Port; Woodrake Power Grapple for Forestry, Contractor Grapples for Demolition, and Rail Grapples for Railway, we cover what is needed in all sectors. We do this because we want to provide our 30+ years of experience manufacturing high quality products to our customers in whichever industry they specialize in.